Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust publishes a variety of pamphlets, books and newsletters, both in Hindi and in English. 



Few of these are listed below:


  • Inclusion  The Amar Jyoti Way
  • The Spirit Triumphs
  • Better Care of Children with Locomotor Disability: a part of the Better Care series, a handy guide for general public and health workers published by Voluntary Health Association of India
  • Curriculum Guide for Individualised Programme of Intellectually Challenged
  • The book Seen, But Not Heard also carries a chapter written by Dr. Uma Tuli on Breaking Barriers Physically Challenged Children
  • A series of books on Mainstreaming Children with Disabilities for diverse disabilities : 
  • Visual Impairment
  • Physical Challenges
  • Intellectual problems
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Speech and Language Impairments (Communication Disorders)
  • Emotional Disturbances
  • Health Impairments



Amar Jyoti has also published pamphlets on: 





  • Active Ageing
  • Mental Retardation and Illness
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation: an integrated approach
  • Early Intervention Series
  • How to take care of a hearing impaired child...
  • Take care of your back...
  • Take care of your eyes...
  • Stammering - Courses, Prevention and Cure
  • Identification of hearing impairment and its prevention
  • Self-Employment
  • Framing Individualized Education Programme



Other earlier publications includeCBR Newsletter in collaboration with Ahrtag, London, ICHPER SD Journal and Disability Dialogue an international newsletter on community based rehabilitation and concerns of persons with disability.


inclusion -The Amar Jyoti Way

inclusion -The Amar Jyoti Way